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    VSH Map Suggestion Thread

    Added new map https://tf2maps.net/downloads/gray-gravel-hq.17504/
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    VSH Map Suggestion Thread

    Outlook is the best one so far.
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    VSH Map Suggestion Thread

    Alright, thanks for this we'll take a look.
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    VSH Map Suggestion Thread

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    VSH Map Suggestion Thread

    The map needs more updates.
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    VSH Server's new maps

    VSH Harvest VSH Hightower VSH Facility These maps have been added to our server and are permanent but we can remove them if you have a complaint. You can suggest Vscript's VSH maps in the Suggestions section on this forum we'll be happy to see them.
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    CS:S is a cool game

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    I'm an Admin, and I love playing games.
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    Game Server Rules

    1.Play fair. (No hacking and cheating.) 2.No harassment and racism. 3.No advertising. 4.No inappropriate content. 5.No exploiting. 6.No Spamming of any kind. 7.Don't abuse calladmin.
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    Forum Rules

    No spamming. Do not provide intentionally falsified or misleading information. Do not harass or discriminate against other people. No advertising. (with limited exceptions such as steam item trading) No NSFW content outside of NSFW channels. Do not post someone else's personal information. Do...
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